Thursday, October 28, 2010

Outdoor Wooden Rocking Chair Redo

I have been working on a lot of projects lately. I just haven't posted any, until now. I figured this old beat up chair could be the first. This outdoor rocking chair really actually isn't that old. Just a few years.

It is looking pretty bad from all the stain wearing off and sitting outside. It was originally from Ace Hardware I believe.

I sanded it with my orbital sander and hand sanded the parts I couldn't reach. I probably could have done a better job sanding but since it was going to stay outside I wasn't too worried about it. Plus it was an excuse to try out my new sander.
I bought a can of Redwood Krylon Spray WoodStain in a spray can at Walmart. It was very easy to use. I just sprayed it on as dark as I wanted and wiped some away with an old tshirt if it was too dark. I did end up doing a second coat to make it slightly darker.
I then coated it with a clear coat of UV protectant spray. Now according to the can of Krylon the spray stain is supposed to be UV fade protectant and water repellant. If I were to stain something again for outside I don't think I would use this stuff again. It did turn out looking good as you can see in the picture below. However this was in August when I finished it. It does not look as good now. It seems to already be fading :(
Anyone else tried this product?

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